Our Sister Concern

DEC offers a comprehensive range of high-tech equipment, including vibration-controlled drilling & coring machines, concrete saws, and specialized tools for various construction projects. Our team of highly qualified engineers and specialists, leveraging expertise from FISCHER (Germany), utilizes innovative construction techniques to tackle complex jobs.

Our German headquarters benefit from continuous R&D support, empowering us to tackle complex challenges. We combine unwavering confidence, dependability, and quality with a commitment to innovation. We foster strong partnerships with contractors to ensure projects are completed to your complete satisfaction.

Our capabilities extend far beyond what’s listed here. We are a company that pushes boundaries and embraces challenges. DEC is a leader in cutting-edge technology, offering a comprehensive range of innovative solutions that meet the highest international standards. We stand behind our work with a full warranty, guaranteeing your complete confidence.

By partnering with us, you can leverage our expertise and achieve exceptional results. We are dedicated to supporting your professional success and delivering the benefits you deserve.


DEC’s drilling capabilities are exceptional. We can handle a wide range of hole diameters, from 8 mm to 1200 mm, and depths of up to 4 meters using vibration-controlled machines.

A prime example of this expertise is our work at Lucky Cement. Here, we drilled 700 mm diameter holes with a depth of 4000 mm through a reinforced raft, which was underlain by a 1-meter-deep reinforced concrete footing. Piles were then drilled and cast through these holes, reaching a total depth of 27 meters. Notably, this challenging project was completed within an existing cooler building, showcasing our ability to work in unique and demanding environments.

This is made possible by our state-of-the-art FERROSCAN system. The system utilizes a magnetic field to generate images on a screen, making it ideal for detecting rebar depth, rebar network formation, and the thickness of both rebar and concrete cover.

For industrial framed structures, our engineering specialists can restore lost strength due to damage. We offer a comprehensive service that includes design, detailed drawings, technical specifications, bills of quantities, cost estimates, construction methodologies, and programmed network time schedules. Our skilled construction team then meticulously executes these plans, ensuring strict adherence to specifications and timely project completion.

DEC ushers in a new era of chemical anchor installation. Our innovative system delivers high-strength anchorages in record time, tackling even the most challenging situations faced by contractors.